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Our Story

Born in Jaipur, a city famous for its coloured gemstones, Kiri Kiri as a brand is bringing details of fine jewellery to fashion pieces. The name loosely translates to ‘stones on the river bed’ in ancient Polynesian language. It represents the heart and soul of our rich heritage, and immensely vibrant culture. We take pride in creating handmade delicate and timeless jewellery, from semi-precious stones, that stand for our country's finest local craftsmanship. Stones have been believed to have great healing powers since the time immemorial in our culture, but somehow as the time progressed our generation lost touch with this unique science.  We at Kiri Kiri strive every day to combine this knowledge of healing techniques and our unique designs to create pieces that are 'everyday’ in appeal while also being luxe. Our jewellery speaks directly to the contemporary woman of today's modern India, just like them, we believe in standing by our roots and also keep pace with the changing times. 

At Kiri Kiri, we not only aim to provide high quality gemstones and crystals, but we also guide our customers through the entire process. We understand that selecting the perfect stone for yourself or your loved ones can be overwhelming. We educate our clients about the properties of the stone, care instructions and even the significance of the stone they intend to purchase.