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Padmini, the queen of Mewar was not only known for her exceptional beauty but also for her exemplary courage. She performed Jauhar to uphold the honour of her Rajput clan and refused to bow down to the Khalji dynasty.

`Hasli' is a traditional rigid collar necklace, its name is derived from the collarbone called `hansuli' on which this ornament rests.
Hasli depicts the rich heritage of Rajasthan and is extremely popular among the local women.

This necklace is made of 22ct Gold plated brass with Raw Citrine gemstone at the end, it is of free size and is flexible in its fit. One can easily adjust it according to their preference and it sits snugly around the neck.

All the jewelry is handmade, we use the highest quality of natural semi-precious gemstones with a unique and inimitable style.
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Please note : 
Every piece at Kiri Kiri is handmade. We use natural stones. No two pieces are identical and the differences add to the uniqueness. Especially the hand painted pieces are all unique and could have subtle differences from the original image. These personal touches make our jewelry one of a kind. Our jewellery is very delicate, it cannot be handled roughly like statement pieces. Always try to keep the metal chain away from water and when not in use , put the jewelry in a zip lock to avoid any kind of tarnish.